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Mosquito Life Cycle

life cycle

Mosquitoes are totally dependent on water for the first portion of their lives. Without water, they cannot reproduce. Any container that holds rainwater can continuously breed generation after generation all season. This makes control round the house relatively easy.

Controlling the mosquitoes that are coming from surrounding properties – and wetlands – is harder, employing different strategies.

More than nuisance

Mosquitoes have killed more humans throughout history than all wars combined. Although public health measures have drastically reduced the numbers, more than 700,000 people per year die from mosquito-borne diseases, primarily malaria. Today in the United States, thousands are sickened and hundreds die from mosquito-borne diseases every year. Most cases could  be prevented with basic knowledge and minimal effort.

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Pocono Tick Control Brochures

Pocono Tick Control & Skeeter Control Brochures


Click the links below to download a PDF brochure.

Are you new to the Poconos? – A quick how to guide to help you acclimate to the Pocono Mountain Region. A list of suggestions that will help you avoid common issues associated with home ownership in the Poconos.


Tick Information Brochure – A tick resource brochure featuring: Tick Identification, Lyme Disease Transmission, Prevention Strategies, and Tick Removal.


Aquatic Weed Control Flyer – Features Aquatic Weed Management Strategies


Aquatic Weed Control Brochure – Features information about: The Tick Chicks, Aquatic Plant Control, and Species Identification.


Health-related Pest Control – This brochure outlines the dedication of the tick chicks to keep you safe in your home. The Brochure outlines: Health Related Pest Control, Tick Control, Lawn Insect Control, Mosquito Control, Wasp Hornet Control, and Wood Destroying Insect Control.



Pocono Tick Control – Mosquito Control

 Pocono Mosquito Control

mosquitoes on feetculex larvae

With over 50 years’ combined experience, when it comes to Pocono mosquito control, Pocono mosquito control are the expects! If mosquitoes are breeding on your property, Pocono mosquito control will find them and eliminate them.

Pocono mosquito control is trained, experienced, licensed and insured to provide you with professional Pocono mosquito control. Preventing mosquito breeding – “larviciding” – is the most effective method of  reducing mosquitoes; barrier treatments help to keep your property free of biting mosquitoes that are coming from nearby properties.

Why take a chance when West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases have been identified locally? Call today for a free estimate.

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