Tick control company Identification Services





Tick Identification ServicesTick Identification Services

Tick control company Identification Services

Tick control company provides professional tick identification services, risk analysis and counseling services for those bitten by ticks in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ticks can be dropped off at our submission box, located in the parking lot of the Legendary Tannersville Inn, Route 611, Tannersville, PA.    The box is attached to the tree next to the large sign in front of the Inn.


The following are instructions for drop-off:

  • Tick samples must be in sealed zip-loc baggies
  • Include the name of the person/pet the tick was on
  • Include a contact phone number or email address and mailing address
  • Include the name of the doctor & fax number
  • Include $10 in cash or check made to: AMPC, LLC
  • Leave a phone Message with your name, day & time you left the sample at 570-807-6447  or 570-801-5372

Thank you!!

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