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Professional Services |  Pocono Tick Control Company

Professional services offered by Pocono Tick  Control company include the following. Please contact Pocono Tick Control today for a free estimate of services. Pocono Tick Control is here to be your first line of defense against all ticks and mosquitoes.

  • Tick identification to species & life stage and measurement of attachment interval DNA (PCR) testing of tick sample 
  1. Place tick in a ziploc baggie, labeled with patient’s name, address and contact phone number
  2. Add physician’s name and phone number
  3. Enclose in a regular envelope along with $5cash
  4. Leave samples in drop box at Tannersville Inn, Rt 611 Tannersville next to large sign in parking lot.
  • Public speaking
  • Consulting on Lyme disease
  • Consulting on tick control

Tick Image

Go to the Contact Page for information on sending ticks for identification and duration assessment.

Please contact us for current prices and payment options.

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