Pesticide License Categories

PA Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Licence Categories

  • 07 – Lawn & Turf
  • 09 – Aquatic Weed Control
  • 10 – Right-of-way & Weeds
  • 11 – Household Pest Control
  • 12 – Wood-destroying Insect Control
  • 15 – Public Health Vertebrates
  • 16 – Public Health Invertebrates

turf grasswaterliliesright-of-wayweed controlwood-destroyingrats and micetick & mosquito


The most important step in controlling any pest is an accurate identification. If we cannot identify your pest immediately, we know who to ask.

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Born in NYC, raised in Morristown, NJ and living in the Poconos since 1973, Jacqui has been active in public health issues for over 40 years. Her background in vector topics has made her a popular speaker at national conferences from Anchorage to Atlanta. Her undergraduate degree is from SUNY Stony Brook, and her Masters degrees are from East Stroudsburg University [PA].

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