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Bald-faced hornets

bald faced hornet bfhornetnestHornet control


Bald-faced hornets are one of the most dangerous insects found around the home. Their nests are football-shaped and came become quite large, holding up to 700 individuals. Easily aroused, they will chase and sting  anyone who comes near their nest. Pocono tick control will provide prompt professional services to kill and remove the nests.


polistes waspP5202461

Polistes wasps are some of the most common but least  dangerous of the wasps. Their nest is an uncovered paper comb, about the size of your palm. If left alone, they are unlikely to sting, but if you have one and want it removed, give Pocono tick control a call.

Carpenter bees

carpenter bee in hole carpenter_beeP5202455

Carpenter bees cause those perfectly-round holes in the wood around the outside of your home. Although they resemble bumblebees, they are not social insects. As solitary insects, these bees do not live in colonies, but rather create a home for their eggs in a tunnel that they excavate into unpainted wood. Males cannot  sting but females will when provoked.

Although single bees do very little damage to wood, multiple generations over many years can cause structural damage. An early spring treatment will take care of them for the year.


German roachroaches in fridge


German cockroaches are the most common indoor roaches  in the Poconos. They are prolific breeders, very adaptable to human habitation, and small enough to hide easily, making them serious pests.

Pocono tick control has state-of-the-art products that control them without sprays or danger to humans or pets.


fleaSwift- football-field-grass-background.jpg

If your have a problem with fleas after flea-bombing your house and treating your pets, you might have an outdoor infestation.

Pocono tick control products do an awesome job on fleas in your lawn. Call Pocono tick control today.


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