Pesticide License Categories

turf grass PA Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Licence Categories 07 – Lawn & Turf 09 – Aquatic Weed Control 10 – Right-of-way & Weeds 11 – Household Pest Control 12 – Wood-destroying Insect Control 15 – Public Health Vertebrates 16 – Public Health Invertebrates   The most important step in controlling any pest is an accurate […] Continue reading →

Pocono Tick Control Services

German roach Bald-faced hornets   Bald-faced hornets are one of the most dangerous insects found around the home. Their nests are football-shaped and came become quite large, holding up to 700 individuals. Easily aroused, they will chase and sting  anyone who comes near their nest. Pocono tick control will provide prompt professional services to kill and remove the nests. […] Continue reading →

Pocono Tick Aquatic Weed Control

waterlilies       Aquatic Weed Control Weed and algae control from spring to fall The products are safe for kids, pets, fish and the environment Seasonal or “per application” contracts Control measures for ponds and lakes of all sizes Consultation on other problems — like geese, aeration options, pH Licensed and insured Before and After photos […] Continue reading →

Monroe County’s Private Practice Vector Control

The Tick Chicks - Larger Monroe County’s NEW Vector Control   Pocono Tick Control Welcome to Pocono Tick Control. Welcome to the newest concept in public health environmental control measures in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Following the drastic cutbacks to Monroe County’s Department of Vector Control, we Tick Chicks have filled the gap.  Not only are we licensed and insured, but we have decades of […] Continue reading →

Professional Services | Pocono Tick Control Company

pocono tick control Professional Services |  Pocono Tick Control Company Professional services offered by Pocono Tick  Control company include the following. Please contact Pocono Tick Control today for a free estimate of services. Pocono Tick Control is here to be your first line of defense against all ticks and mosquitoes. Tick identification to species & life stage and measurement of attachment interval DNA (PCR) testing of tick sample  Place […] Continue reading →

Ticks | Three Common Types

Amblyomma americanum Ticks | Three Common Types | Tick Control Ixodes scapularis | Ticks | Type One Tick | Three Common Types Ixodes scapularis, also commonly called the deer tick or black-legged tick, is the most important tick in the Northeast in terms of disease potential. It is a three-host tick species that can live for two years to […] Continue reading →

Tick Information | Classification

Tick Control Company - Ticks Class Arachnida Tick Information | Classification – Tick Control Company Ticks are arachnids. Although they resemble insects, they are actually more closely related to spiders and mites. They have 8 legs (except as larvae) and lack wings, true eyes and visible body segments. They cannot fly or jump, and spend most of their lives waiting for the next blood meal — […] Continue reading →

Pocono Tick Control Protection Strategies

Tick Control Strategies Pocono Tick Control Protection Strategies   Avoidance of tick-borne diseases is a complex process. It involves control of ticks, their rodent and deer hosts, and personal protection strategies. Ticks require leaf litter and relatively high humidity. By removing leaf litter and opening up your yard to sunlight, you will make it less hospitable to ticks. The […] Continue reading →

Pocono Tick Control Services

Tick Control Company Deer Tick Pocono Tick Control Services Pocono Tick Control is essential to control the tick and skeeter population. Pocono Tick Control offer spring and fall tick control services, using registered pesticides that are safe for you and your pets, but deadly to ticks. Pocono tick control also control fleas and many other lawn insects. Although not labeled for mosquito control, Pocono tick control customers have […] Continue reading →