Pocono Tick Control Services

Pocono Tick Control Services

Pocono Tick Control is essential to control the tick and skeeter population.

Pocono Tick Control offer spring and fall tick control services, using registered pesticides that are safe for you and your pets, but deadly to ticks. Pocono tick control also control fleas and many other lawn insects. Although not labeled for mosquito control, Pocono tick control customers have reported that tick treatments have given them continuous control of mosquitoes as well.

Because of the life cycle of ticks and the long-lasting properties of the products we use, only two applications per year are needed.

tick control company deer-tick-life-cycle

Like the permethrin product that you are using (or should be using) on your clothing to kill and repel biting insects, our product binds to the thatch of your lawn or the under-story of your woods. It continues to kill the ticks and fleas for up to three months. Because it is chemically bound to the thatch, it does not wash off in rain, or come off on you or your pets, making it safe for everything except the “bugs.”

If you are only interested in organic control measures, we offer our services with products that are made from thyme oil, eugenol, wintergreen, and diatomaceous earth. These products must be applied more frequently because they are quick-kill and do not provide the residual of the other products.



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