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Tick control company Identification Services





Tick Identification ServicesTick Identification Services

Tick control company Identification Services

Tick control company provides professional tick identification services, risk analysis and counseling services for those bitten by ticks in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ticks can be dropped off at our submission box, located in the parking lot of the Legendary Tannersville Inn, Route 611, Tannersville, PA.    The box is attached to the tree next to the large sign in front of the Inn.


The following are instructions for drop-off:

  • Tick samples must be in sealed zip-loc baggies
  • Include the name of the person/pet the tick was on
  • Include a contact phone number or email address and mailing address
  • Include the name of the doctor & fax number
  • Include $10 in cash or check made to: AMPC, LLC
  • Leave a phone Message with your name, day & time you left the sample at 570-807-6447  or 570-801-5372

Thank you!!

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Pocono Tick Control – Commercial Accounts

 Pocono Tick Control – Commercial Accounts

Pocono Tick Control - Commercial Accounts

The West End Fair Association contracted for mosquito control services for the summer of 2014, leading up to the annual West End Fair, being held August 25th through August 30th in Gilbert, PA.

West End Fair

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Monroe County Correctional Facility contracted tick control services in July to protect the inmates within the recreation yard and the correctional officers who guard the perimeter.



Out On A The Limb Tree Service subcontracted Pocono tick control for right-of-way herbicide treatments on several Pennsylvania highways.



Pocono tick control perform pest control services for Local Realtors for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae contracts. Services include:

  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Wasps and hornets
  • Roaches
  • Mice


Cherry Valley Vineyards                                                                                                                                                            Known for its breathtaking setting, brick-oven pizzas, and award-winning wines, Cherry Valley Vineyards is located at the base of the Blue Mountain in beautiful Cherry Valley.  The Sorrenti Family and their guests enjoy the grounds in comfort because Pocono tick control has been providing tick control since 2013.


Stroud sign Katz Pond

Pocono tick control was recently contracted by Stroud Township to control the algae and pond weeds in the ponds at two of the municipal parks.

Pocono Tick Control Services

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Pocono Tick Control Services

Pocono tick control does spring and fall tick control services, using registered pesticides that are safe for you and your pets, but deadly to ticks. Pocono tick control also control fleas and many other lawn insects. Although not labeled for mosquito control, our customers have reported that our tick treatments have given them control of mosquitoes as well.

Because of the life cycle of ticks and the long-lasting properties of the products we use, only two applications per year are needed.

Like the permethrin product that you are using (or should be using) on your clothing to kill and repel biting insects, our product binds to the thatch of your lawn or the under-story of your woods. It continues to kill the ticks and fleas for up to three months. Because it is chemically bound to the thatch, it does not wash off in rain, or come off on you or your pets, making it safe for everything except the “bugs.”

If you are interested in organic control measures, Pocono tick control offers services with products that are made from thyme oil, eugenol, wintergreen, and diatomaceous earth. These products must be applied more frequently because they do not provide the residual of the other products.

Monroe County’s Private Practice Vector Control

Monroe County’s NEW Vector Control

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Pocono Tick Control

Welcome to Pocono Tick Control. Welcome to the newest concept in public health environmental control measures in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Following the drastic cutbacks to Monroe County’s Department of Vector Control, we Tick Chicks have filled the gap.  Not only are we licensed and insured, but we have decades of field and laboratory experience in the very issues that are troubling you.

No one is better suited to help you with your tick & insect identifications and control measures.

Remember that Northeastern Pennsylvania is home to at least six (6) tick-borne diseases; diseases that can make you, your family, and your pets sick. Lyme disease and the others can be prevented!

Please contact us for more information. The Tick Chicks want to hear from you.