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Tick control company Identification Services





Tick Identification ServicesTick Identification Services

Tick control company Identification Services

Tick control company provides professional tick identification services, risk analysis and counseling services for those bitten by ticks in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ticks can be dropped off at our submission box, located in the parking lot of the Legendary Tannersville Inn, Route 611, Tannersville, PA.    The box is attached to the tree next to the large sign in front of the Inn.


The following are instructions for drop-off:

  • Tick samples must be in sealed zip-loc baggies
  • Include the name of the person/pet the tick was on
  • Include a contact phone number or email address and mailing address
  • Include the name of the doctor & fax number
  • Include $10 in cash or check made to: AMPC, LLC
  • Leave a phone Message with your name, day & time you left the sample at 570-807-6447  or 570-801-5372

Thank you!!

The Tick Chicks






Zika Virus

Zika virus is mosquito-borne disease. Since 1950, it has been potent in Africa and Asia spreading to other parts of the world. The virus may be transferred from person to person during sexual intercourse or from Mother to fetus.
Symptoms are:
Fever-3-12 days from exposure
Arthralgia -joint pain ,hands and feet
Myalgia – muscle pain, unrelenting body ach
Skin Rash -in some cases small bumps that may or may not be elevated. May be tingling and itching. Often begins in the truck area then spreads to face and limbs.
Conjunctivitis – redness in the eyes and water discharge, highly contagious.
Asthenia – weakness

Real Mosquito Control from the experts who worked through DEP for decades controlling mosquitoes in Monroe County, PA

Pocono Mosquito Ecology

Mosquito Life Cycle

life cycle

Mosquitoes are totally dependent on water for the first portion of their lives. Without water, they cannot reproduce. Any container that holds rainwater can continuously breed generation after generation all season. This makes control round the house relatively easy.

Controlling the mosquitoes that are coming from surrounding properties – and wetlands – is harder, employing different strategies.

More than nuisance

Mosquitoes have killed more humans throughout history than all wars combined. Although public health measures have drastically reduced the numbers, more than 700,000 people per year die from mosquito-borne diseases, primarily malaria. Today in the United States, thousands are sickened and hundreds die from mosquito-borne diseases every year. Most cases could  be prevented with basic knowledge and minimal effort.

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